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Our Wheelbases come with a wide range of accessories and options

A wide range of accessories are available to accompany your SOS wheelchair and wheelbase a brief overview of each is available below.

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Brochures and Manuals
Wheelchair Features

Wheelchair Features


Rubber Handles for Wheelchairs. Adjustable to allow carers to find the most comfortable position and prevent unnecessary stress during use.

Comfortable rubberised handle grips on all SOS wheelbases

Handle Rake

SOS MoJo and Miko wheelbases come with adjustable handles and handle rake. Excluding the stroller

SOS MoJo wheelbases come with adjustable height and handle rake angle. Excludes Stroller. Can be set to suit the seating system used.

Tilt In Space

MoJo Tilt and Recline mechanical, foot operated tilt in space mechanism. For all MoJo wheelbases

MoJo Mechanical Tilt, foot operated tilt in space mechanism not available on fixed frame version

3 Position Rear Wheel Setting

MoJo wheelbases have 3 rear wheel position settings. For extra stability when required. Not available on Stroller

3 Position Rear Wheel Setting (2 on MoJo Mini) to allow adjustment to rear wheel position for extra stability when required (not available on Stroller)

Transportation Tie Down Points

Transport Tie Down Points. All MoJo wheelbases are crash tested for transport safety and can be secured in a vehicle.

Frame Mounted Tie Down Points. Unlike most Tilt in Space wheelbases the Mojo Range  allow clients to be positioned at any angle (when using tilt in space) during transport. This is particularly essential for postural stability during transportation of complex clients.

Rear Wheel Brakes

Rear Wheel wheelchair Brakes adjustable for even tyre wear

Manual Rear Wheel Brakes  with easy operation and adjustment to prevent tyre wear

Arm Rest Location Socket

Arm rest location socket with height adjustable armrests. MoJo Features

Mojo Frame Mounted Armrest Sockets with height and width adjustable armrests (when required) This feature offers greater versatility when interfacing seat systems and associated accessories such as trays etc.

Footrest Location Socket

Footrest location socket provides a secure mounting point for Footrest. Excludes the MoJo Stroller

Sturdy, Frame mounted footrest location socket for secure footrest attachment and quick release mechanism.

Available in Fixed Frame Version

Fixed Frame MoJo wheelbase with progressive settings. Can be upgraded to tilt in space easily

The Fixed Frame MoJo has 3 points of adjustment allowing for different recline angles to be set and can be upgraded to Tilt in Space quickly and easily.  (not available on Stroller)

This feature is particularly useful to give a robust and lighter weight version of the Mojo Wheelbase for clients who do not need Tilt in Space.


Options & Accessories

SOS offer a range of harnesses and supports to accompany your specialist seating.  Please see the options and accessories section for more information.

Extended Brake Leavers

Extended Brake Lever for easy use by client and attendant. Available on all MoJo and Miko Wheelases

Extended Brake Leavers available on all models for ease of use by client and carer.

Cable Operated Drum Brakes

Cable operated drum brakes for SOS wheelbases available on all models excluding the Stroller

Cable Operated Drum Brakes available on all models activated with brake levers attached to push handles. (excludes Stroller) Extremely easy to apply these brakes can be useful in assisting with controlling wheelbases especially when descending down steep inclines.

Self Propelling Wheels

22 inch Self-Propelling Wheels suitable for all MoJo wheelbases excluding the stroller. With or without drum brakes

All MoJo wheelbases are available with 22 -26 inch self propelling wheels.  Excludes the Stroller.  Available with or without drum brakes.

16 Inch Rough Terrain Wheels

16 inch rough terrain wheels for walking outdoors and to improve handling. Available on the Mini, Midi and Maxi with Drum Brakes

For more demanding terrains. the Rough Terrain Wheels available on MoJos and Mikos are ideal for woodland walks and muddy fields.  Available on Mini, Midi and Maxi.  With or without drum brakes.

Note that the Miko RT can be supplied with standard swivel front castors or for a more robust option fixed front wheels.

Adjustable Armrests

Arm rests are removable, reversible and height adjustable. Available on the MoJo Mini, Midi and Maxi

Armrests are removable reversible and adjustable in height and width.  Available for the Mini, Midi and Maxi ranges.

Fixed Angle Footrests

Fixed Angle Footrests available for MoJo Mini, Midi and Maxi wheelbases. 70 and 90 degree versions

Available for Mini, Midi and Maxi.  Fixed angle footrests come in 110 and 90 degree versions.  Removable and height adjustable.

Angle adjustable footrests can also be fitted on request.

Swing Aside Footrests

Swing aside footrests height adjustable and removable. Alternative for the Mini, Midi and Maxi wheelbases.

Height adjustable and removable these footrests offer an alternative for the Mini, Midi and Maxi wheelbases.

Angle adjustable footrests can also be fitted on request.

Sun Shade Canopy

sun shade canopy open, provides protection from direct sunlight for wheelchair users

Available in all sizes, helps provide shade in direct sunlight and locates the rain canopy.

Rain Canopy (shown with Sun Shade combination)

Sun/Rain Canopy for wheelchairs available together or on their own. Provides cover from rain and bright sunshine

Available in all sizes the rain canopy provides shelter on wet days

Net Carrier

Net Carrier storage for under your wheelchair. Removable hard base available offering robust storage

Under seat storage for wheelchairs.  Available on all models.