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Relax in the award winning ‘P’ Pod.  Sociable postural support for the home and community.

P Pod Custom Moulded and Symmetrical Bean Bag in green with accessory frameThe ‘P’ Pod has been designed and developed by SOS as a simple yet effective postural support for use by disabled children and adults when indoors in the home or day care environment, the unique patented design of the ‘P’ Pod combines a symmetrical or custom moulded support within the simplicity of a conventional Bean Bag base.

Integration of specialised equipment into the home environment can be difficult due to limitations on space and access issues, the ‘P’ Pod Seat from SOS gives high levels of postural support and accommodation for easy use around the home environment.

Award Winning Design

The ‘P’ Pod was awarded the Naidex style award in 2012 for providing postural support in the home environment. Fitting in well in a family living room or community centre, the ‘P’ Pod is the perfect addition to any living room.  Click here to find out more



The ‘P’ Pod is one of our most popular products. It offers a whole different seating experience for those with specialised seating needs and is great for a range of ages from infants to young adults.

‘P’ Pod was developed as a response to clients who said: ‘we want a different seating option at home!’ Bean bags have traditionally been used for years with the disabled but they lacked the true support the client needed. So SOS put on its thinking cap and came up with the ‘P’ Pod.

There are three components to the ‘P’ Pod – the seat, a bolster support and the beanbag or Pod.

The P in ‘P’ Pod stands for postural, and postural support technology SOS is famous for is an integral part of this design.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Standard or custom made
  • Provides simple accommodation of complex seating problems
  • Lightweight and easily handled within the home
  • Moulded Seat Pod improves effectiveness of the bean bag approach
  • Quilted stretch velour covers In a range of colours
  • Stylish & comfortable for Everyday Use
  • Covers easily removed for cleaning
  • Bean bag allows change of position yet maintains support
  • Range of accessories available
Accessories and Extras

P Pod Accessories

Options & Accessories

Mobile Base


To assist with the use of larger P Pods we have developed a mobile base unit which allows the P Pod to be easily moved around indoors. This allows for easy maneuvering of the ‘P’ Pod indoors and the mobile base is also available with a powered tilt mechanism where changes in positional orientation are considered important to improve general comfort and tolerance.

It comes with cushioned handles, locking front castors and its design makes using mobile hoists simple. It too can be custom-coloured so it coordinates with the ‘P’ Pod.

Activity Frame


Activity frame to hang toys on for play therapy. Folds flat for storage. (Toys not included)


ppod-freestanding-tray1 ppod-lap-tray1

Developed to help aid activities whilst using the ‘P’ Pod making the product more versatile with more applications.

There are two versions available:
Free standing height adjustable tray
Bean bag lap tray

Growth Liner


The removable growth liner helps extend the life of your ‘P’ Pod. Growth liners are available in 1 inch increments and can be stacked if required.

Flip Over Headrest


Ideal for those that need more head support, it helps to raise the head when the Pod is in a reclined position giving more versatility to head positioning.

Foot Bolster


The P Pod Foot Bolster attaches to the base of the P Pod and has built in height adjustment to fully support the client’s feet. It also helps the client feel more grounded.

Colours and Embroidery

Colours and Materials

The ‘P’ Pod is available in our range of soft velours.

For the full range of colours please follow the link below:

Colours and embroidery



Velour (standard and textured)


Base in Black Velour Only

Embroidery Service


The ‘P’ Pod can be made absolutely unique by having a name, favorite band or football team name embroidered on the badge.  The choice is yours and no extra cost!

Brochures and Manuals

How to measure for a standard P Pod

This instructional video is designed to help measure your child for a P Pod seating system. This method currently applies to standard moulded P Pods only. Please turn up your speakers!

For the full specification form please click here