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Complete your P Pod with our range of accessories

A wide range of accessories are available to accompany your ‘P’ Pod a brief overview of each is listed below.

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Options & Accessories

Mobile Base

The P Pod Mobile base makes the P Pod easy to maneuver indoors whilst the client is seated.

In our experience those using the ‘P’ Pod have been relaxed and comfortable it almost seems a shame to disturb them when carers or parents want to move them from room to room, so we developed a mobile base unit. This allows for easy manoeuvring of the ‘P’ Pod indoors, and we’ve built it so it fits through standard door frames.

It comes with cushioned handles, locking front castors and its design makes using mobile hoists simple. It too can be custom-coloured so it coordinates with the ‘P’ Pod.

Just developed is a NEW Tilt in Space version of the Mobile Base with powered actuator to facilitate easy adjustment to the overall angle of the P Pod.

Activity Frame

The P Pod Activity Frame has attachment points for toys so your child can play without leaving their comfy seating

Activity frame to hang toys on for play therapy. Folds flat for storage. (Toys not included)


The P Pod Freestanding Tray is suitable for play times, meal times and scribble times, providing a desk for adults and childrenThe P Pod Bean Bag lap tray is perfect for play and meal times, helping keep the P Pod clean and provides a surface for activities

Developed to help aid activities whilst using the ‘P’ Pod making the product more versatile with more applications.

There are two versions available:
Free standing height adjustable tray
Bean bag lap tray

Growth Liner

The P Pod Growth Liner allows the P Pod to shrink and grow with the clients posture increasing the product's lifespan

This removable liner is perfect for growing kids! It extends the life of your ‘P’ Pod by giving an extra space when removed.

Flip Over Headrest

The P Pod Flip Over Headrest is now a standard item, it can be flipped back to relax the client's seating position but also provides support for the client's head

Flip Over Headrests provide additional head support. Sold separately.

Foot Bolster

The P Pod Foot Bolster helps clients feel more grounded and prevents overstretching.   It acts as a foot stool for the P Pod

A foot bolster to place the feet on to support legs and feet..

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