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    Miko Buggy
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    Children to young adults
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Miko Buggy Style Wheelbase for Custom Moulded and Modular Seating

Miko is one of the only specialist wheelbases to offer a fully reversible seating position. Miko folds down for storage and fits in the boot of most vehicles. Ideal for a family on the move.

Designed to blend in with modern family life, Miko features buggy styling and manoeuvrability. The new design is lighter and features cranked pram style handles for comfort.

Miko has been crash tested with special seating and can be transported at any angle, ensuring comfort when using an adapted vehicle (forward facing position only).

Miko is suitable for children aged 12 months and up.

Key features

  • Weighs less than 20kg
  • Reversible seat direction – The seat can be positioned facing forwards or backwards depending on preference.
  • Compatible with Custom and Modular Seating Systems
  • Pushchair styling and handles
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Re-designed for ease of use, the SOS Quick-Lok system makes it easy to swap or reverse the seating system, extending the life of the wheelbase and allowing it to be reused.
  • Tilt in space for improved positioning and sitting tolerance
  • Safety tested for transportation (forward facing only)

Brochure Download

Miko Buggy Mini Brochure


Dimensions and Sizes


Miko Buggy

Measurements Units Size 1 Size 2
Age range (approx) mths/yrs 12 months+ 12 months+
Max user weight kg/lbs 30kg (66.2lbs) 30kg (66.2lbs)
Tilt angle degrees 45° 45°
Weight (when empty) kg/lbs 8.6kg (19lbs) 9kg (19.9 lbs)
A Length (maximum) mm (inches) 1060 (41½”) 1060 (41½”)
B Length (minimum) mm (inches) 800 (31½”) 800 (31½”)
C Height (maximum) mm (inches) 1120 (44”) 1120 (44”)
D Height (minimum) mm (inches) 905 (35½”) 905 (35½”)
E Overall width mm (inches) 695 (27.3”) 745(29.3”)
F Minimum turning radius mm (inches) 660 (26”) 710 (28”)
G Wheelbase mm (inches) 630 (24¾”) 630 (24¾”)
H Wheel track mm (inches) 565 (22¼”) 615 (24¼”)
J Frame width mm (inches) 460 (18¼”)
(front cross beam)
510 (20¼”)
Seat rails mm (inches) Available on request for third party seating interface (UK Only)

Flexi Seat Sizes (Modular seating – Custom Moulded Options Available)

SIZE DIMENSIONS in inch (mm)
Seat Depth (PSD) Hip Width Shoulder Height Trunk Width
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
SIZE 1 8.0 (205) 12.0 (305) 7.0 (180) 11.0 (280) 12.0 (305) 16.0 (405) 6.0 (150) 9.0 (230)
SIZE 2 11.0 (280) 15.0 (380) 10.0 (255) 14.0 (355) 15.0 (380) 19.0 (480) 8.0 (205) 11.0 (280)

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