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    i2i Neck and Head Support System
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    Headrest/Neck Support for Wheelchairs
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    All ages
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i2i Neck and head support by Stealth Products

The i2i Neck and Head Support System is designed to help those with limited head control. The unique design of the i2i helps bring the head back to a midline position with enough support to prevent the head rolling backwards or forwards. The neck support includes anterior stabiliser arms and can be supplied with or without chin prompt.

i2i headrest features
How does it work?
i2i-headrest-diagramThe unique, integrated shape of the i2i creates an exoskeleton around the neck providing cervical support from the shoulders to the back of the head and neck.

The lateral components promote midline head positioning and offer cervical support whilst maintaining a good range of motion.

The Chin prompt is designed to provide anterior support, to keep the head more midline for meals and to encourage neck muscle strengthening. The curved contact surface and straps allow the chin support to slide forward when an unsafe amount of force is applied, preventing airway obstruction.

Features & Benefits

Improved socialising and communication

By maintaining a good head position the client gets a better view of their surroundings and is able to make eye contact with those around them. It prevents the client becoming stuck in an unconformable position looking at the floor or ceiling which can isolate an individual from their environment.

A better mealtime experience

Meals become more manageable and comfortable for the client and removes the need for an aid to maintain an open airway.

Maintains overall positioning goals

The i2i helps decrease the progression of cervical deformities which may develop into fixed deformities without support. It also helps maintain long term hip and trunk positioning.

Promotes proactive head control

Adjusting the i2i headrest to a ‘prompt’ position allows the user to work on increased head control.

Available with a range of switches, support pads and tone deflectors

The i2i headrest is available with a range of additional supports and options. Egg switches can be mounted to the headrest using additional brackets that are easily connected to communication aids.

Brochures and Manuals

i2i Neck and Head Support Leaflet


Dimensions and Specifications – What size do I need?


The i2i has an infinite number of configurations, to ensure you get the right size, we offer a Free demonstration and assessment service. Please contact us for sizing information