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    Foot Raiser Brackets
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    Wheelchair Accessories
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    Baby to Adult
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Adding adjustment to wheelchair footrests

A common problem when interfacing Special Seating to Wheelchairs is lack of adjustment on the footrests, very often available adjustment is inadequate and it is obviously important for comfort and posture that the clients feet are correctly supported and positioned.

Foot Raiser Brackets are a quick and easy cost effective device providing the adjustment required when standard footrest adjustment “runs out”.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Easy To Fit
  • Full Fitting Instructions Supplied
  • Durable Powder Coating
  • Standard Size Fits Most Standard Wheelchair Footrests
  • Custom Made Versions Available On Request, Contact Our Technical Services for details
  • Excellent Clamping Action
  • Strong Durable Robust Design
  • Crash Tested for safe use in transport
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