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    Foam Cast Seating
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    Custom Moulded-Foam Cast
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    Baby to Adult
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Foam Cast custom moulded seating offer excellent postural support for complex postures

Foam Cast Seating is a unique development in the field of customised seating for the disabled and are manufactured using design and processing techniques developed by SOS.
This process allows us to manufacture custom moulded seating with very low density foam moulding for greater comfort and improved pressure management

Due to the lower density (softness) of the material this process is ideal for clients who require a customized seat support with very accurate shape replication, but require a more forgiving response in the seating system. This process is ideally suited to manufacturing support systems for the more delicate client with acute postural needs who will require a softer more gentle seating support to manage more effectively sitting tolerance and pressure management.

For further advice regarding the Foam Cast Seat System or any other SOS Specialised Seating products please contact our Customer Service Department.



In the design and development of this new Seating System, the objective was to develop a means of providing customised seating with improved comfort, tolerance and accommodation of acute seating requirements, this improved general comfort will improve sitting tolerance and allow clients to sit with improved comfort for longer periods.

Advice and Assessment

For further advice regarding the Foam Cast Seat System or any other SOS Specialised Seating products please contact our Customer Service Department.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Custom Moulded Seating
  • Provides Excellent Accommodation Of Complex Seating Problems with good weight distribution and pressure management due to low density foam lining
  • Moulded Seat Shell Available In Various Colourful Designs
  • Quilted Stretch T.T. Or Velour Covers In A Range Of Colours
  • Can Be Interfaced Into Most Types Of Mobility Equipment
  • Covers Easily Removed For Cleaning And Maintenance
  • Suitable For Use In Transportation With Suitably Qualified Wheelbase
  • Easily Equipped With A Range Of Accessories to meet all additional requirements
  • Robust And Lightweight
  • Easily Removed From Host Wheelchairs
Accessories and Extras

Options & Accessories

Poziform Wheelchair Harnesses and supports, Specialised Orthotic Services SOS

Harnesses and Supports

SOS offer a range of harnesses and supports to accompany your specialist seating.  Please see the options and accessories section for more information.

Poziform Harnesses
Parts and Accessories

Colours and Embroidery

Colours and Materials

We offer a wide range of colours, materials and patterns on our seating products.

The Foam Cast seat can be made using soft velours and terry toweling.  The seat back is available in a range of colours and printed patterns.

For the full range of colours please follow the link below:

Colours and embroidery




Patterns and Transfers


Textured Velour

Light Blue Crushed Velour Special Seating cover material

Terry Toweling


Brochures and Manuals