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    Flexi-Seat, Miko & Glider Combinations
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    Special Seating and Mobility
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Moving children from home to the school environment whilst maintaining postural support can be challenging. Especially when moving from one wheelbase to another. That’s why we are now offering our Flexi-Seat Modular Seating System packaged with our Miko Buggy and Indoor Powered Glider to provide a consistent solution to daily postural management.

  • SOS Quick-Lok interface as standard allowing the seat to be moved from the Miko to the Glider effortlessly
  • Lower price, same SOS service – Our highly trained clinicians can personally assess at home or at school at a mutually agreed time. Contact us for more information.


SOS Schools Product Brochure
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Buy together and save over £250*

As part of our continued effort to improve the services we offer our clients, our 3 most popular school & nursery products with a discount when purchased together. Buy Flexi-Seat in combination with Miko and our powered Glider wheelbase and save on the total purchase price.

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Flexi-Seat Miko and Glider Combination  Prices (Flyer)


Individual Prices Flexi-Seat Packages
Flexi-Seat Miko
(Wheelbase Only)
(Wheelbase Only)
Miko Buggy
Flexi-Seat, Miko
Buggy & Glider
Wheelbase Only £677.21 £886.96
Flexi Seat Size 1 £651.00 £1,220.00 £1,520.00 £2,050.00
Saving £108.21 117.96 265.17
Flexi Seat Size 2 714 £1,275.00 £1,595.00 £2,115.00
Saving £116.21 105.96 263.17

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*£250.00 Saving based on purchase of Flexi-Seat, Miko and Glider in sizes 1 or 2. Please refer to the pricing table for other purchase options and savings.
Prices published on 20/04/17 and subject to change.