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    BB Plus Seating System
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    Baby to Adult
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The BB Plus: Our modular BB system but with even more adjustment for complex postures.

The BB Plus from SOS takes the principles of the proven BB Modular seat and introduces a large range of adjustment to all the primary dimensions of the seat. This makes the BB Plus capable of dealing with growth and other changes that require the size of the seat to be adjusted.

The BB Plus is obviously a more cost effective option for growing children.

Adjustable for longer product lifespan

The BB Plus system can be adjusted  taking into account growth and posture changes.  Interchangeable padding allows the seat to be adjusted with greater flexibility.

Although an adjustable seat, each BB Plus is assessed individually so that adjustment starts at the size of the child, this way all adjustment is available with no adjustment wasted to simply set the system up.

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For further advice regarding the BB Plus or any other SOS Specialised Seating products please contact our Customer Service Department.




The BB Plus is built on the solid foundations of our BB seating system.  Offering more adjustment and flexibility for growth and posture change over time.

For the BB Plus system, the client is assessed and measured and the system is built to that size. This has the advantage of giving all adjustment available on the up side for the client, making the life of each seat unit much longer.

Based on established seating principles the BB Plus establishes the control required to maintain mid line sitting posture. The introduction of an angle adjustable joint at the base of the backrest allows adjustment between the base and backrest angle of the seat. This adjustment allows greater flexibility in use of the seat.

Harness and Supports

The Flexi Seat is a versatile modular seat system that will interface into most wheelchair mobility products and is suitable for transportation use when required.
A range of postural supports are available which allow each seat to be built to give the individual support necessary for each individual.

Please see Parts and Accessories for more information.

Advice and Assessment

We run Clinics up and down the country, offering advice, measurement and moulding in your area. Our knowledgeable clinic managers can help you decide which type of seating (and wheel bases) are suitable for your needs.

Enquire today to find out when a clinic is taking place near you.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Fully adjustable modular seating system assessed to suit the needs of each individual client.
  • Can be configured to suit each individual clients postural needs with a wide range of options to tune in to the specific needs of each individual.
  • Available for infant to adult sized clients
  • Can be configured into most types of wheelchair and pushchair/buggy mobility equipment
  • Can be self assessed by therapists and rehab engineers
  • Available in a range of fabrics
  • Covers easily removed for cleaning and maintenance when necessary
Accessories and Extras

Options & Accessories

Poziform Wheelchair Harnesses and supports, Specialised Orthotic Services SOS

Harnesses and Supports

SOS offer a range of harnesses and supports to accompany your specialist seating.  Please see the options and accessories section for more information.

Poziform Harnesses
Parts and Accessories

Colours and Embroidery

Colours and Materials

We offer a wide range of colours, materials and patterns on our seating products.

The Flexi Seat is available in our range of soft velours, waterproof velours and vinyl.

For the full range of colours please follow the link below:

Colours and embroidery





Ocean Waterproof Vinyl Special seating cover material

Textured Velour

Light Blue Crushed Velour Special Seating cover material

Waterproof Velour

Turquoise Waterproof Velour swatch for Special seating covers

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