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    3D Modular Seating
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    Modular with Custom moulded Parts
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    Child to Adult
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Combining Modular Seating with 3D Custom Moulded components

3D Modular Seating combines Custom Moulded Seating system with Modular Seat design.

3D Modular Seating Systems from SOS are particularly useful for clients with some fixed postural asymmetry who still require modular seating, as the customisation in the seat will accommodate the asymmetry and establish improved sitting balance.

This more intimate shaping in the 3D Modular System will also improve general comfort and tolerance when sitting for prolonged periods.

As with all SOS seating the 3D Modular Seat is compatible with a wide range of mobility equipment for further advice contact our Customer Services.




Modular Seating is by design 2 dimensional and is ideally suitable to clients with a straight symmetrical posture.

Clients with more complex postures will struggle to achieve postural balance when seated on conventional modular seating systems.

For clients who require an aspect of customisation in a modular seat, the 3D Modular system offers a combination of customised 3 dimensional support and standard 2 dimensional modular elements to give an effective seating system for clients with more complex needs.

Harness and Supports

The 3D Modular Seating System is a versatile modular seat system that will interface into most wheelchair mobility products and is suitable for transportation use when required.
A range of postural supports are available which allow each seat to be built to give the individual support necessary for each individual.

Please see Parts and Accessories for more information.

Advice and Assessment

Each client is individually assessed to identify the specification of the 3D Modular System so that all the component parts of the seat meet the requirements for the client sitting posture.

For further advice regarding the 3D Modular Seating System or any other SOS Specialised Seating products please contact our Customer Service Department.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Customised Modular style seat.
  • Allows accommodation of asymmetrical posture in a modular seating system.
  • Improves overall postural balance, comfort and sitting tolerance.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Key component
  • 3D Backrest Cushion
  • 3D Basal Seat Cushion
  • Lateral Supports
  • Optional detachable pommel and hip guides
  • All standard seating accessories are compatible for use with this system.
  • Custom made covers, which can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Can be interfaced into a large range of mobility bases.
Accessories and Extras

Options & Accessories

Poziform Wheelchair Harnesses and supports, Specialised Orthotic Services SOS

Harnesses and Supports

SOS offer a range of harnesses and supports to accompany your specialist seating.  Please see the options and accessories section for more information.

Poziform Harnesses
Parts and Accessories

Colours and Embroidery

Colours and Materials

We offer a wide range of colours, materials and patterns on our seating products.

The 3D Modular Seat can be made using, soft velours, wipe clean vinyls and terry toweling.  The seat back is available in a range of colours and printed patterns.

For the full range of colours please follow the link below:

Colours, materials and embroidery




Patterns and Transfers


Textured Velour

Light Blue Crushed Velour Special Seating cover material

Black Edging

Black Velour Special Seating cover material

Terry Toweling


Brochures and Manuals